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Amethyst....Rose De France or Lusaka?

So, everyone seems to know what typical amethyst is....dark purple, gemstones that radiate a brilliant luster that yells 'royalty'! But, many have never heard of Rose De France Amethyst or Lusaka Amethyst. Therefore I will do my best to give you insight into both:

Rose De France Amethyst: This lilac to pinkish beauty of an amethyst is typically sourced from Brazil. This gemstone is associated with love and femininity. You should rarely see an inclusion in this stone and when one exists, it is very apparent. There are times that we have seen the stones heat treated but it is typically not necessary to bring out the natural beauty of Rose De France Amethyst.

Above is an example of Rose De France Amethyst

Lusaka Amethyst: Lusaka Amethyst is the purple member of the quartz family, forming inside volcanic rock geodes. It is desired for its well-concentrated very deep purple and blue-violet hues with flickers at times of red and indigo.

United States, Brazil and South America are few of the countries exporting amethyst. However, Zambia in South Africa, yields the most desirable, dark purple Lusaka Amethyst.

Zambian amethyst can trade 4 + times higher than stones from South America.

Above is an example of Lusaka Amethyst

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