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Zircon....It Is NOT Cubic Zirconia!

So, quite often I hear "oh zircon....that's fake!" This could not be further from the truth. Is cubic zirconia fake....YES! Is Zircon fake...NO!

So what is Zircon? ZIRCON is the oldest known gemstone in existence, dating back almost 4 billion years. It is an absolutely beautiful, natural stone! Though Zircon comes in many different colors, blue is perhaps the most popular and expensive (and most often heat treated) however green zircon is the rarest! White Zircon is quite often used in jewelry settings instead of diamonds as it is a bit more affordable and has a stunning radiance.

Cubic Zirconia on the other hand is plain and is man made. In essence, it is a fake diamond (or if colored...a fake whatever type of stone someone wants to call it). As you can see we are not big on cubic zirconia and why should we be when there is a world out there full of gorgeous, authentic, naturally unique stones!!

Shown above: Madeira Citrine Earrings surrounded by Zircon

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